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Well, here we go :)

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1. Are you obesessed with something (It can be food, a series, sports, a star, etc.)?

Well, I guess I’m kinda obsessed with Jane Austen and books in general!

2. Is there a type of sport you always wanted to try out?

Does poledancing count? Idk, its sexy and I want to learn it (just for my private bedroom :P )

3. Coffe or tea? (or something else?)

Both! But only flavoured sweet coffee

4. If you could get concert tickets for any singer/band you like, who would it be?


5. What book/film could you always read/watch without getting bored?

Pride and Prejudice, both book and the 2005 film!

6. Describe how your “perfect” partner would be like (sorry I’m getting out of questions:D)!

Intelligent, loving, funny and honest. He should love cuddling and being ridiculously cute with me so everybody hates us haha (well, just like my bf I guess :D )

7. Why did you chose the URL you have at the moment?

I have no idea to be honest ^^

8. How was your first kiss/what should it be like?

Oh god.. Well… It was weird. I was 15 and visiting family in Peru with my mom and this guy I played with when I was five came to our house to see me every day. One day we were walking together with my mom and my uncle in front of us and he took my hand. I liked him, but i did not expect him to kiss me. Well, he did. He stopped and kissed me and my mom and my uncle were just in front of us and I was like wtf did just happen

9. Is there something you always wanted to wear, but never had the courage to?


10. Favourite place to be?

Croatia. At the beach :)

11. Is there any character trait or habit that always annoys you about people?

I hate it the most when people are dishonest and act like they like you but then talk behind your back.

Ok, here are my Questions:

1. Which places would you like to visit the most?

2. What kind of music do you listen to the most?

3. Which language would you like to learn?

4. Do you do any sports and if yes, which ones?

5. What do you wish to have/ be in 20 years?

6. What is your favourite book/film?

7. Was there any experience that specially changed you and if yes, which one?

8. Which season do you like the most?

9. Do you play any instruments/ which instrument would you like to play?

10. What is the most important thing in a friendship for you?

11. Which are the most important people in your life?

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{credit: ig - nutellie_}

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{credit: ig - nutellie_}

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